Armand Assante
HD Con Man

Con Man

HD Magic Man

Magic Man

HD I, the Jury

I, the Jury

HD Diamond Cartel

Diamond Cartel

HD Hunting the Phantom

Hunting the Phantom

HD Smile


HD Stressed to Kill

Stressed to Kill

HD Sicilian Vampire

Sicilian Vampire

HD Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

HD The Bleeding

The Bleeding

HD Blowtorch


HD 1492: Conquest of Paradise

1492: Conquest of Paradise

HD The Red Maple Leaf

The Red Maple Leaf

HD The Steam Experiment

The Steam Experiment

HD Darc


HD The Mambo Kings

The Mambo Kings

HD Assumed Killer

Assumed Killer

HD Shadows in Paradise

Shadows in Paradise

HD Paradise Alley

Paradise Alley

HD Two for the Money

Two for the Money

HD Hoffa


HD The Return of Joe Rich

The Return of Joe Rich

HD Joe’s War

Joe’s War

HD Q & A

Q & A

HD See You in Montevideo

See You in Montevideo

Seas1 Push, Nevada

Push, Nevada

Seas1 The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Seas1 Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Seas1 Rage of Angels

Rage of Angels